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Photo: PLA Eastern Theater Command
Photo: PLA Eastern Theater Command

Weihai maritime safety authorities issued a passage warning on early Wednesday morning that military activities will be carried out in parts of the Yellow Sea waters starting from 8:30 am Wednesday to 5 pm Friday, during which vessels are forbidden from entering the waters in question, according to the website of China's Maritime Safety Administration.

The PLA Southern Theater Command on Tuesday and Wednesday released articles and photos of its recent drills. 

According to the PLA Southern Theater Command official WeChat public account on Tuesday, warplanes of some PLA naval air force brigades carried out a late-night confrontational combat training recently.

Training subjects during the training were described as "real combat-oriented" and included air defense combat, cover assault combat and battles to gain air supremacy, according to the official release.

An S-shape rapid turn and big-angle turn were also practiced. The warplanes returned smoothly early morning of the second day, with ground supporting forces standing ready for tasks including check-up and fueling for later deployment of the warplanes, the article said.

Pan Zhiqiang, a military officer with the training brigade, was quoted as saying in the official release that the recent round late-night training was carried out with high intensity, fast-paced tempo and large number of air forces, as well as under multiple kinds of special situations. "It further elevated the pilots' combat skills and their all-time domain and all-weather combat capabilities."

On Wednesday morning, the PLA Southern Theater Command continued to update information on another recent live-fire drills, during which PLA troopers practiced battalion tactics.

Pictures attached with the Wednesday release showed that tent building, bunker construction as well as battlefield emergency responding were practiced.

Also, at the real-trooper confrontation stage, the participating battalions conduct reconnaissance through drones. Multiple tactics were verified during the training.

Heavy machine gun shootings, single-man rocket shooting at night and single-man shooting at night were also seen in pictures in the release.

The PLA Eastern Theater Command on Monday has also organized multi-unit joint combat readiness patrols and live-fire drills in the sea areas and airspace around Taiwan island, after five US lawmakers visited Taiwan island just 12 days following House speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit.  

The Eastern Theater Command updated on its WeChat public account on Wednesday that recently an air defense force of a coastal defense brigade went to a certain area in the Southeast China to carry out live-fire drills to further test their firepower strike capability.

Pictures show that the air defense force fired missiles and shot down the target enemy aircraft in a precise and rapid fashion.

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